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Why utility scale photovoltaic in Romania?

Unique opportunities

  • High demand for new production capacities
  • Growing power consumption
  • No tenders for power producer licenses
  • Lot of unused non expensive land
  • Available development resources
  • Fair competition
  • Good solar iradiation

© 2019 The World Bank, Source: Solar resource data: Solargis


  • High IRR without subsidy
  • Interconnected grids with neighbourhood countries
  • Abundance of ready to build projects


  • Challenging legal framework for PPAs
  • Demanding permitting process


  • Phase out of the old power capacities
  • Current energy price in Romania is well below the average EU price


  • No specific renewable subsidy scheme in place

General market context

Renewable Energy in Romania

5,000 MW of renewable energy projects have been installed until 12.2016, when the green certificate subsidy scheme was canceled, 4.4% above the planned 4,780 MW in the Romanian Renewable Energy Action Plan.

Regulation 943 (applicable starting 2020)/ Directive 944 (to be transposed in national law)

Directly negotiated power purchase agreements concluded outside OPCOM centralized markets once again is allowed.

Long term PPAs may be concluded as early as of the development stage, once a technical connection permit is obtained.

30.7% for 2030 vs. app. 24.5% actual in 2017 → proposed new investments: 2,050MW of wind and 3,700MW of solar

RES power price

At a power price of 50-60 EUR/MWh wind and solar energy technologies no longer need support schemes to become economically viable investments in the EU, as a result of increased CO2 price and efficiency improvements/ decrease of technology cost for RES

Electricity prices – Day Ahead Market 2018-2021 (€/MWh)

  • Average Price 2018-2021 = 45.0
  • Average price 2019 = 49.7
  • Average price 2020 = 39.8
  • Average price 2021 = 52.9

CfD scheme

  • Memorandum on the basic principals of a new CfD scheme for new RES, nuclear and battery capacities in Romania has been signed between the Ministry of Economy, ANRE and Competition Council
  • Ministry currently runs a study with an independent consultant to evaluate options/ details for implementing the CfD scheme.
  • Expected to be implemented in 2022-2023.

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